At Bluprobe we understand that your website is where your business meets the world. We are an SEO based company that specializes in increasing your company’s online visibility so that you can attain essential goals: gaining new clients and generating more revenue. We are passionate about helping small and medium-sized businesses develop a larger market for their products through effective digital marketing strategies.

Our team understands that your business is unique and your time is limited. Our goal is to customize your marketing strategies and guide you through your marketing decisions efficiently so that you can keep your focus on what matters most: your growth and success.

We are here to help you bring out your best, and we are looking forward to the journey!


Bluprobe, an idea that was born over a dinner conversation between husband and wife. Initially, both of them were looking for better marketing suggestions to give to their clients. Along the way, they realized that it only makes sense if they both work together to create Bluprobe the first destination where their clients can access any digital marketing solution. 

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CEO and co-founder

The company CEO and co-founder, Deepika is our Social Media Expert. She is an MBA in Marketing and knows the ins and outs of social media marketing. With her extensive work experience, she believes that she can work for herself and take Bluprobe to new heights.

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Also a co-founder of Bluprobe, Tushar did his engineering in electronics and has also learned SEO Marketing. After freelancing for almost 5 years, he helps his clients with all their search engine optimization needs and guides them towards staying ahead of their competition. His expertise in SEO has been a core factor in exploring new digital marketing solutions.



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We believe that our best is not enough and all our efforts should be towards learning new things. Due to the ever-changing environment in marketing, we do not reserve ourselves to the old techniques.

Result Oriented

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We never shy away from taking the risk in business. We believe that our courage to do something new differentiate us from the rest and create positive results.

Customer Focus

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We try to provide our customers with a customized experience for their business problems. Making customer satisfaction as a top priority, our experts in digital marketing are solely committed to providing you with the best SEO solutions for your business.


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We like to play by the rules! Not in terms of creativity but industry wise. We only promote fair marketing solutions for your business.